2 Must-know Ways To Track The Location Of A Stolen iPhone

2 Must-know Ways To Track The Location Of A Stolen iPhone

How to Find the Stolen Apple iPhone in Two Simple Steps

How to Find the Stolen Apple iPhone in Two Simple Steps
How to Find the Stolen Apple iPhone in Two Simple Steps

It is likely that you are worried about what happens to your data when you lose the iPhone. Data can be used to harm others in numerous ways nowadays. There are many ways to find out how to monitor your iPhone. Also, you have access to your data even if you don’t have the device. Find out more about tracking your iPhone.

Part 1 Part 1: Finding a Stolen iPhone Without Finding My iPhone

Part 2: Tracking the Stolen iPhone even in the event that it’s off

Part 3: Access to iPhone Data, even if It’s stolen

Part 1. How to locate a missing iPhone with Find My iPhone

Part 1. How to locate a missing iPhone with Find My iPhone
Part 1. How to locate a missing iPhone with Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone app on your iPhone is a fantastic device to find lost devices and track information. But, if this feature is not activated on your device, it will not locate the device. However, you can take steps to protect your data like:

You can modify your Apple ID so that no person can gain access to your information.

Change the passwords on all your accounts on the internet that are important including Facebook.

Report lost or stolen phones to wireless carriers to stop calls.

You may also report a lost or stolen phone to the local police authorities.

These are steps you can implement that will help you in either locating the lost or stolen device as soon as possible or at a minimum stop someone from accessing your data.

Part 2. Tracking the location of a Stolen iPhone even when it’s Off

It is difficult to determine the location of your iPhone if it’s turned off. This is because it cannot send its location without network access. However, you are able to enable the”Find My iPhone” mode to ensure that every time the phone is on, you’ll get alerted about its location.

Step 1. Step 1.

Visit and sign in to your ICloud account. The dashboard of your account will open. Then, you will be taken to the dashboard of your account. Click the “Find My iPhone” icon. This will take you to the Find My iPhone interface. It will also provide the location of your iPhone.

Step 2. Select the Device you want to use and start Tracking

Select the”All devices” drop-down menu and select the device that is missing. It will display all Apple devices associated with your ID. You can pick only the device that was lost. The device tracking process will begin , and if it is successful it will display its position. If your device is turned off, the location won’t be displayed immediately. It will however display whenever it’s turned on or is charged. You can also enable the “Lost Mode” that will lock the phone, and show a message if it is found and returned to you.

Part 3. How do you access the iPhone data , even if it has been taken

FreePhoneSpy is one of the most effective ways to access your iPhone data, even when you don’t have a smartphone. It’s among the fastest, most secure and simple methods to access the iPhone’s information. The thing that makes it even more impressive is its amazing set of features.

Why You Should Select this iPhone Data Tracker:

FreePhoneSpy allows you to keep track of more than 29 types of information.

You can easily, and quickly, find the GPS whereabouts of the target device.

The program is compatible with any browser or device.

You can remotely read the messages in text that are received through your devices.

FreePhoneSpy provides a straightforward solution which allows you to gain access to your phone’s information when it’s stolen or lost. It is also possible to use the application to access phone data when you are incapable of physically accessing your device. Simply follow the steps given below to discover how to find stolen iPhone information or access your phone’s information at any time.

Steps to Track the iPhone Data Even If It is stolen

Step 1. Step 1. Sign up to a FreePhoneSpy service

FreePhoneSpy lets you establish an account. Go to the website , and click the “Try it Now” button. This will start the “Create an account” window. When you create your account, it will require specific information, like email address. Create a password for your account. To sign up for an account, click “Sign up”.

Step 2. Verify Your iCloud Account

After registering successfully on FreePhoneSpy, you will be asked to fill in the details of your iOS device you wish to track. Please enter the “Name of the device’s owner” in addition to the “Age” of the target’s device’s owner. In addition, you must provide additional information and then click the”Next” button. Verify the iCloud ID for iOS. Click”Verify”.

Note This: The iOS device with the you are verifying the iCloud ID should have activated the iCloud backup and sync option to ensure that you can accurately track the data with FreePhoneSpy.

Step 3. Monitor the activities of iPhones stolen using FreePhoneSpy

After verification of your ICloud ID and password, you’ll be redirected to the control panel, and the information on your devices and the app will be correctly synced in the next few minutes. Every time you log into your account FreePhoneSpy will automatically update the information. FreePhoneSpy does not update your account data when the iOS device is off.

Download FreePhoneSpy to Track a Stolen iPhone at:


You can also use the FreePhoneSpy alternative in the event that your Android phone is missing or stolen. It offers more features than the first version and allows you to access additional kinds of data, including contacts, browser history and messages. But, it’s more user-friendly for Android phones.

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