How Do I Hack My iPhone Through Text

How Do I Hack My iPhone Through Text

Can someone steal my iPhone’s password using messages in text?

Can someone steal my iPhone's password using messages in text?
Can someone steal my iPhone’s password using messages in text?

The iPhone is a prominent smartphone in the mobile market of today. It is the sole non-Android phone that is still competing with the best Android manufacturer. While Apple claims that iPhone and iOS is the most secure platform, hackers can still make use of this vulnerability to gain access to your data. Though we all send text messages to our families and friends and family members, they’re not used for hacking your phone. Can someone hack my iPhone through text messages is one of the most frequently asked questions that pop up on the internet? In this article we will discuss more about the possibility of an iPhone being hacked through texts and methods to combat it.

Part 1. Is My iPhone being hacked? By stealing my text messages

Part 2. How to determine if your iPhone has been hacked through texts

Part 3. Tips to Avoid the iPhone Hack using Text Message

Part 4. How to Hack Someone’s Smartphone Without Accessing to It (iPhone X Also Included)

Part 1.

Part 1.
Part 1.

Though Apple has been convincing people to believe that iOS is the safest mobile OS and not vulnerable to hacking attempts, still hackers have discovered a way to hack iPhone through texts. Are there ways to hack my iPhone using text messages? A malicious application known as Pegasus created by NSO Group can hack iPhone with an iOS version older than 9.3.5 with just a text.

Pegasus will automatically install itself on the target’s phone without their knowledge. A device infected by Pegasus communicates all information about the target to the hacker and thus has really put users of iPhone users at risk. Pegasus was designed to exploit three weaknesses that Trident is known for within the iOS environment. The attacker is able to access all information about the target such as email accounts, bank accounts and even contacts. The vulnerability could be still active when using iOS 9.3.5 or older. It is believed that Apple has fixed the vulnerability with the iOS 9.3.5.

Part 2. How to tell if your iPhone has been hacked through text messages

You have the answer to the “can an individual hack my iPhone through text?” question. Now it’s time to be aware of the signs of a possible hack. If you believe that your iPhone was compromised this could allow hackers access to your personal data. It could be very risky when you’re a senior executive at a large company. A hacked iPhone could mean that your secrets to business will be disclosed to the public and could result in huge losses in the coming years. These warning signs could be a warning sign of a possible cyberattack.

– Unauthorized Jailbreak

Malicious programs like Pegasus will jailbreak your iPhone before transmitting the information of the person who is targeted to the hacker. If your device was jailbroken without your knowledge this could indicate that someone jailbreaks it with malicious motives. An iPhone jailbroken device will permit malicious apps to be installed without your permission. It can cause more harm than simply to play some pranks and reveal your personal information.

– Receive Text Messages from Strangers

If your device is attacked by someone using text messages, they’ll be sending it instructions to monitor your activities in the form of text messages. These messages will be displayed as empty squares or special characters. These empty characters may contain encoded commands, that were delivered by hackers in order to trick the target into sending them emails or messages.

Unknown Use

Hackers can remotely manage an iPhone via texts. They can initiate calls, send texts messages, and even take pictures with only one text. Unusual behavior, for example, call recordings that are not recorded in the history of your phone calls, indicates that an individual is using your device.

– Your Battery Drains More Faster

If the battery of your iPhone is draining more quickly than usual , even if you aren’t using your phone this much, it’s possible that is it hacked. The battery will be consumed by a hacking software that is running in the background and is monitoring the device.

Performance Degradation

As we have already mentioned that malware running in background will use resources to run its code and perform its functions. Your device could appear slower than normal, which could indicate that it’s being hindered by malware. Performance may be affected through background updates or app updates.

– Disruption During Calls

Unusual call dropouts or service disruptions can be signs that you’re being targeted. Although the issue could be attributable to the service provider as well however, if this isn’t an issue, then you were being hacked by someone.

Part 3. Tips to be Watchful of for iPhone Hacks via Text Message

Use the Message Filtering feature.

There are a myriad of apps and services available to filter out messages sent via text. These applications for messaging filtering will block messages that could contain spyware or malicious viruses. Only trusted sources will be able to send you messages. Any other sources will be blocked.

– Don’t Open Strange Messages

Messages containing malicious code that could damage the device display as blank squares, or as characters. You should delete any text messages that contain characters that are difficult to read in the notifications bars. It is possible that your device may be employed as a surveillance tool in the event that the code is executed.

– System update

Be sure to ensure that you update the iOS firmware and OS to the latest version. This will stop hackers from taking advantage of iOS security vulnerabilities. This has been really helpful in the event of Pegasus attack in which devices that were running iOS 9.3.5 version were vulnerable to hackers. Pegasus took advantage of iOS’s trident security. It was then fixed in iOS9.3.5. It is also a good suggestion to iPhone users to upgrade to iOS 9.3.5 If they’ve found other hacking methods.

Avoid opening unknow links

There is a way to hack your iPhone with the help of text. If you get a link to any email, text message, or online, don’t let your curiosity prevent you from exploring it. This could put you within the hacker’s web-based snare and expose you to risk.

Part 4. How to Hack someone’s Mobile without Accessing It

The most frequent query for hacking iPhone remotely is “can someone hack my iPhone by using text”. Beyond malicious intentions to hack into an iPhone or Android device, there are many other reasons that hacking iPhone could be necessary. Hacking iPhone may be a good idea for parents to monitor their children’s internet activity. Employers should keep an eye on their employees from getting sidetracked and keep them in check. Couples may have to hack the iPhones of their spouses to avoid being taken advantage of. In these cases, a tools for spying like FreePhoneSpy could assist these individuals in keep track of the activities of others.

FreePhoneSpy allows parents and employers to monitor their children’s or employees’ iPhone usage. It’s the best tool to use for hacking iPhone data such as messages and call logs as well as web history Calendars and notes and so on.

We recommend this hacking tool for both Android and iPhones:

– FreePhoneSpy doesn’t require jailbreaking your iPhone to start monitoring it.

– It can remotely hack iPhone’s personal data with no access to the device itself.

Monitor call logs, text messages and web history, in addition to targets contacts.

FreePhoneSpy allows you to monitor on WhatsApp and Line conversations.

Get FreePhoneSpy App at: FreePhoneSpy Hack Cell Phone Gps Location.

Methods to Hack Someone’s iPhone and Android Phone Data without Knowing

Step 1: Create an account

Visit FreePhoneSpy’s official site using your browser. After that, enter an email address that is valid and register an account.

Now, enter the target’s name and date of birth to complete the setup process. Choose your mobile device platform.

Step 2 2. Install the Target Device

If you’d like to keep track of iPhone text messages, phone logs and location history, as well as browser history, and more, you only need to verify iCloud ID used on the targeted iPhone device.

An APK is essential to be installed for Android users. These steps only apply to Android users. First, go to the”Settings”, then”Security” and check if”Unknown Source” is turned on or not. If it’s disabled you can make it available to download APK files. You can install the app on the device to be targeted by downloading APk from the FreePhoneSpy website.

After you have installed the app on the target device install it, and log in to the app using the email address that you used for creating an account.

After you login The app will then ask for your permission. You must grant permission to all functions such as location. Click on the “Start Monitoring” button. On the right side of this button, there is a choice of concealing an icon from the device you want to monitor. Choose that option if you wish to run the app in secret mode.

Step 3: Begin hacking Android as well as iPhone Data

Finally, you will be able log-in to FreePhoneSpy using your personal desktop or mobile device by using the email ID that you created for the phone that you wish to use.

You now have full access to the target device, and can monitor different data, such as messages and contacts, location and social media applications.


FreePhoneSpy is a fantastic choice for those looking to secretly track the information of other people. There are other methods to track data from your device along with tracking software. You might be wondering if someone can hack my phone just by messaging me. Thanks to the advances in technology and advanced security, both iPhone as well as Android devices are vulnerable to hacking by text message.

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