The Top 10 Must-know Parental Apps Instagram Spy Apps

The Top 10 Must-know Parental Apps Instagram Spy Apps

Get The Best 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents

Get The Best 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents
Get The Best 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents

The technological age has made it harder parents play an active role as parents. Social media sites such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and WhatsApp have made children smarter each and every day. Based on research, cyber-bullying is the primary reason for teenage suicide. Parents need to ensure that their children are secure at all times and protect them from these types of situations. These top 10 Instagram spy applications can protect your kids from inappropriate pictures, cyberbullying and other security concerns.

Part 1. Part 1.

Part 2. Part 2.

Part 1. Top 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents

Part 1. Top 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents
Part 1. Top 10 Instagram Spy Apps for Parents

1) TelephoneTracking

This great Instagram spy application works on Android and iPhone, with the latest iOS 11 or Android 8.0 Oreo. PhoneTracking offers powerful spy capabilities that allow you to complete numerous things. It is simple to set the application from any web browser and monitor your child’s activities on instagram. It is a 100% secure and gives you a 24 hour support by the tech team.

Price: There are various price plans, but the most convenient is the Ultimate Edition 1-month subscription of $39.99 that includes all features available in PhoneTracking. (Check PhoneTracking price plan >>)


It is staffed by a helpful customer support team

It is easy to install and make use of

It will give you peace of mind through

2) Pumpic Spy App

Pumpic allows you to see all uploaded Instagram videos, pictures messages, and other posts on your child’s device. The control panel makes it simple to navigate the website. The panel allows you to limit the access to the device you want to block. It is compatible with iOS version 6.0 — 11.2 as well as Android versions 2.2 -6.0.1. 6.0.1.

Cost: An average of $30.


It includes a simple-to-use control panel.

It provides a 24 hour solution to ensure your child’s safety.


To enable iOS device installation, you will need to enter your ICloud password.

Some features will need rooting in order to run Android OS.

3) FreePhoneSpy

It has the ability to observe Instagram and track images as well as Instagram messages on the device that is targeted. FreePhoneSpy records keystrokes and captures screenshots. It’s a great option to guard your child against cyberbullying, as well as other limitations. This Instagram spy can be used on iOS as well as Android devices. It can also be used with MacOS as well as some BlackBerry OS devices.

It is priced on average at $32.


It has multi-language support.

It’s very private and secure against tampering


It’s costly compared with its peers


This app for instagram spy lets users access to every photo on the target device. The app is compatible with Android devices from version 2.3 and up. It also works on iOS devices with versions 6.0 and above and Windows OS.

Price: The price of the standard version is $29.99


XNspy app operates in stealth mode, making it completely invisible

You can communicate with them all day long.

It’s easy to install


This Instagram spy app cannot retrieve deleted photos if they weren’t back-up.

To access photos taken on the monitored device, you must connect the device to the internet

Its usability is similar and draws a lot of focus on photos

5) Instagram Spy app

The instagram spy application is unique because it can be installed remotely. Remote tracking allows you to monitor the target device from anywhere. Besides, it is compatible with all operating systems, including Blackberry versions 5.0 to 6, Android version 2.3 -and 7.1 and iOS devices running versions 7 and 8.

For a quarter-month subscription the cost will be around $55.


It is possible to install it on many devices.

It’s useful for many different tracking options.


You cannot utilize a remote control

IPhone jailbreaking is required

It doesn’t contain a varied range of features

6) mSpy

This app lets parents keep track of their children’s activities on instagram. This app allows you to track the activities your child doing on social media websites like WhatsApp or Instagram. MSpy works with all Android and iOS devices, including the newest version of iOS 11.

Price: The cost for 3 months of a subscription is $59.99


Ability to track different messages and photos using social media applications

It allows you to choose to block any web site you don’t wish your child to go to

The analyze feature lets you manage many phones


It is not compatible with some versions of BlackBerry devices.

7) TeenSafe Insta Spy App

TeenSafe, another reliable Instagram spy toolthat allows you to see the logs of texts and calls as well as your phone location. You can also see the history of your web browser, text messages as well as call logs and even the exact location of your phone. You can access every message sent and received and photos taken from websites on social media by using TeenSafe, making it one of the top Instagram app for spying. This application is compatible with all Android and iPhone gadgets. It also works with some MacOS as well as Windows operating system.

Cost: About $39 for a monthly subscription.


This app is safe to use

It is highly private and will secure all of the information of your child’s


It isn’t as many features as the other apps.


This Instagram spy application lets you view any photos including profile pictures by zooming to view them in high-quality resolution. There is no requirement to type in any password. Just type in your username and you can see the images. Instaview is compatible with all Android devices, WindowsOS, and the latest iOS devices.

Price: Its cost is approximately $99 for a quarter subscription.


Take photos of the target device

It increases the quality of photos by zooming them to high-quality form.


It’s not supported on certain iOS devices, particularly older versions.

It’s not equipped with all the features that you think of.

9) Spyzie

Spyzie is known Instagram spy application that will provide you with sense of security when you’re away from your children. It allows you to monitor the online activities of your children at any time and block any new information from getting by you. It works on iOS and Android devices in addition to the most current versions. Spyzie can be used to monitor online activity and also allows you to limit access for your child to sites that may be harmful to children.

It is approximately $39.90 per month.


You’ll be completely at ease

Allows you to control the online activities of your child easily by setting up restrictions


To make use of the app you’ll need to establish an iCloud account.

10) Salfeld Child Control

Another app is well-liked by parents who use Instagram spying. It’s perfect for safeguarding your child’s online activities and other social media apps. It is possible to retrieve any conversations that you have on Instagram accounts on the target device. Additionally, it gives you more authority as the parent to disable filters on the internet and set time limits for the targeted device. This application is compatible with Internet Explorer 5.01 and also the majority of Android as well as iOS smartphones.

It’s roughly $30 per month.


It allows you to define time limits for the device of your choice

You can keep a tab on your child’s online activities


It is crucial to periodically check usage logs regularly.

Part 2. How to monitor Instagram Photos, Videos, and Text Messages

Monitoring the device in question is the only way to monitor the activities of your children during your absence. The availability of powerful spy software like PhoneTracking has made it simple to conduct these kinds of activities, like surveillance of social media activity. With numerous sophisticated apps, parents can now take a breath of relief knowing that they can monitor Instagram photos, as well as messages and videos that are sent to the target device.

Simple Steps to Follow Instagram using PhoneTracking

PhoneTracking is available to Android users as well as iOS users. It will monitor the phone in question remotely. PhoneTracking can remotely monitor the target device in a discreet way. You can use it to monitor activities online of your children or employees, even while you’re not present.

Step 1. Step 1.

You can begin by registering your PhoneTracking Account by clicking on the “Try It Now” button. Once you click on this button, the make account page will open up. Enter your email address as well as your password and click on”Sign up”.

Step 2. Step 2.

The user will be redirected to the “Setup Wizard” window. Input all the details about the device to be targeted. The information will include the”Name of the owner of the device” and their”Age”. Then, select the operating system on the targeted device.

Android devices do not require jailbreaking or the successful completion of the “Setup wizard”. If it’s an iPhone it will be necessary to verify your iCloud ID password as well as setup wizard. Be sure that the device is connected to the iCloud backup/syncing service prior to hitting the “Verify” button.

Step 3. Start with Instagram Spying

After all the relevant information is entered correctly after which you are in a position to begin spying on the Android or iPhone the device of your choice. You can do this by visiting the control area of your device’s dashboard. The left side panel displays the list of all activities, which includes messages, social apps , and photos , among others. Click on any item to spy and get live information.

What data can you look up in PhoneTracking?

Access SMS and IMessages: PhoneTracking gives real-time information on the messages that were sent and received from the target device.

Play and download attachments from SMS messages The ability to first previewand then download any images or other attachments from the phone’s messages.

You can monitor the installed apps. This lets you look up installed apps as well in establishing restrictions regarding which apps are allowed to be installed on the device you want to install them on.

Track GPS Location: This feature allows you to track the GPS position of your target device.

Calls from Spy Phones: Monitor both the outgoing and inbound calls to determine who is calling your children.

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