The Top 5 Whatsapp Tracking Software And Apps

The Top 5 Whatsapp Tracking Software And Apps

The 5 Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software. WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software

The 5 Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software. WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software
The 5 Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software. WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software

WhatsApp is among the most used social media app of all time. It allows you to make calls or chat as well as share files with family and friends. However, the majority of users utilize WhatsApp in a wrong way. It is vital to track WhatsApp activity. It is difficult to find the methods to follow WhatsApp conversations of people who are suspicious. With the help of apps that monitor phones you can now be able to monitor the WhatsApp conversations as well as view attached files. The best phone monitoring software which allows you to track WhatsApp on the device that you are trying to track.

Part 1. Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Apps and Software

Part 2. How to track WhatsApp Photos and Messages along with videos, Easily

Part 1. Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Software and Tracking Apps

Part 1. Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Software and Tracking Apps
Part 1. Top 5 WhatsApp Tracking Software and Tracking Apps

1. FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy The most popular spying app, offers you different ways to monitor WhatsApp. The user-friendly and reliable control panel makes checking WhatsApp messages, GPS location Web browsing history, and call logs information easy. The app is compatible to both Android and ioS devices, which makes an excellent choice for users.

Why We Recommend This WhatsApp Tracking App?

This application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

It worked on social media applications like WhatsApp.

It allows you to easily spy on phone calls, text messages, logs, and even contacts using this program.

You can also check the exact whereabouts of your device.


It supports the Android 7.0 and iOS 11 versions.

Download FreePhoneSpy App at: how to hack into someone whatsapp.

2. SpyStealth

SpyStealth can answer all of your questions on how to monitor WhatsApp. The app for monitoring is trustworthy and reliable. Every user can easily handle this application and it comes bundled of features which makes it easy to observe the targeted device. It is easy to monitor WhatsApp use, activities on the mobile and the messages sent and received.

SpyStealth Key Features:

An efficient, simple to use monitor app.

The app comes with a variety of options and monitoring options.

Track WhatsApp messages and other content with ease


It’s a reliable, beautiful tool with few negative reviews.


It’s compatible with Android and iOS 9.x.

3. The Spymaster Pro

Another reliable app for monitoring cellular activity that is recommended is Spymaster Pro, which can assist you like pro in tracking the WhatsApp actions on the Android Device. Not only with the social networks, but also with the history of your browsing on Facebook, browsing history, GPS location tracking etc..

The Spymaster Pro: Key Features

– This application offers user an easy interface and endless possibilities for monitoring devices.

– This application can be used to easily observe Viber, Facebook and WhatsApp usage on the target device.

It is comparable with other applications in terms of price.


Reviewers have stated that it can cause problems with monthly payments. You can however set-up recurring payment systems.


This application allows compatibility on Android 6 Marshmallow and 7.

4. Highster Mobile

This is a fantastic monitoring application that lets you to spy on WhatsApp conversations, specifically on Android devices. It provides a single payment option and an intuitive interface. After you get this application installed on the device you want to use It will then send the data on the online account. It is easy to monitor WhatsApp activities, check the details of messages and call logs.

The Key Features of Highster Mobile:

Simple to use and easy-to-use interface. Once you have installed it, you will receive regular reports through your online account.

It’s only one payment required. It’s much cheaper than other apps.


This app is limited to basic features. It has the latest updates.


– It supports Android 2.1 and up versions. For iOS versions, it supports iPhone 7 and iOS 10.x.

5. Surepoint Spy

Surepoint, another Android spying application, permits users to track WhatsApp activities of your targeted device. You can look up your spouse’s WhatsApp messages, along with those of your children and employees. The app is simple to install and offers high-quality services to users.

Certainpoint Spy’s Main Features

This app gives you the ability to access the WhatsApp tasks of the target device.

Installation and use is simple and easy.

Excellent credibility when it comes to customer reviews.

You can also check your history of browsing on the web as well as check contact information as well as check your text messages.


You are not able to block any unwanted websites or other apps by using this application.


This app works with Android 2.3 or higher versions.

Part 2. How to Monitor WhatsApp Messages, Photos and Videos. Easily

Are you facing issues like how to trace WhatsApp? You don’t need to be concerned as FreePhoneSpy turns out to be an ideal choice to monitor social media sites such as WhatsApp. FreePhoneSpy has other fantastic spying capabilities, such as the ability to view web browsing history as well as call log information.

Why do you want to use this WhatsApp Tracker?

It tracks calls, text messages, history and famous social media applications.

Effectively tracks the real-time GPS exact location of the device.

– WhatsApp messages, chat conversations and shared files are accessible via the “Cheat” button.

You can also preview files, such as videos or images, from the device that you intend to.

Simple Steps to Remotely Track Someone’s WhatsApp Messages, Photos and Videos

Step 1. Register with FreePhoneSpy

To sign up go to the official website for FreePhoneSpy. Click Sign Up to enter your valid Email address. Then, you can register for a free account with FreePhoneSpy.

Step 2. Step 2.

You will need to enter the target device’s details, which include the “Name” and the “Age” as appropriate. Choose Android or iOS.

3. Step 3.

Install FreePhoneSpy first in order to track WhatsApp installed on Android phones.

Install this application onto your Android device, if you’d like to keep track of it. After installing the application then launch it and sign up to create your FreePhoneSpy Account. Next step is enabling permissions to the FreePhoneSpy application. After you click Start Monitoring the icon of the app disappears. This indicates that the app has started to work.

Additionally, you can monitor iPhone WhatsApp messages, photos and videos effortlessly.

You’ll require the iCLoud Username and Password to manage the iOS device. It is necessary to verify your credentials later.

Step 4. Find out what’s happening on WhatsApp Pictures, messages, and Videos

When the FreePhoneSpy syncs the device data head to the control panel. If you’re on iPhone choose the”WhatsApp” option, and for Android select,”Social Apps” and then”WhatsApp”.

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