Three Tips For Facebook Location Tracking

Three Tips For Facebook Location Tracking

Top 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking

Top 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking
Top 3 Tips on Facebook Location Tracking

In the realm of social networking, Facebook is a well-known brand that has led to an entire new trend. This social networking site has billions of users throughout the world from all regions and places. Facebook lets you keep connected to your family and friends even though they are far away. Chat with other users and share photos and videos. Location tracking can also be utilized, but it’s not limited to this function.

You can track your family and friends’ exact locations by using Facebook location tracking. You can also tell them your current location. You can track someone secretly and efficiently with this feature on Facebook. Whatever reason it is that you want to trace someone’s position, it is possible with the right tools.

Part 1 Tracking a friend’s location on Facebook

Part 2: How to deactivate Facebook’s location-based tracking

Part 3. How to find the location of someone’s using FreePhoneSpy

Part 1. How to track a friend’s location on Facebook

Part 1. How to track a friend's location on Facebook
Part 1. How to track a friend’s location on Facebook

It’s simple to use Facebook to follow your friends. You can monitor the location of a person as long as you and your friends have enabled location sharing on their device. If you’re looking for a secure method of tracking the location of your friends You can use the Marauders Maps. The extension available installed on Google Chrome can locate your Facebook friend’s location via conversations that go up to a meter away.

Step 1: Add Marauder’s Map to Google Chrome to the chrome store or the official site.

Step 2: Enable the developer mode in Google Chrome extensions. The extension should now be able to track the place of your friend.

Step 3. Open the chat history for the person you wish to track. Marauder’s map could be used to start the process of finding his location.

Step 4: Lastly you will find the exact address of the messenger that sent the message.

Notice: Marauder’s Map can only extract the location data from chats on Facebook chat if Facebook location sharing is activated on the phone in question. If they aren’t able to enable location sharing, you won’t be able to track the location of the person through their Facebook chat history.

Part 2. How to turn off Facebook Location Tracking

If you’re not the person being followed The process of tracking your where you are can be quite fun. It’s scary to realize you’ve been followed for some time without realizing that you are being followed. Facebook location sharing was originally created to allow users to communicate their location to families and friends. But there are people who are able to take advantage of this feature. Location sharing is often utilized by criminals to check out the schedule of employees and take them hostage for ransom.

Facebook location sharing works like any other app. It has pros and cons. You can always turn off Location Sharing if you don’t want your location to be tracked by a scammer. You just have to disable the Location Sharing feature on your phone. Follow these steps if you are looking to deactivate location access to only Facebook apps.

Step 1: Launch Facebook from the app drawer on your smartphone. Tap on the”More” icon, which appears like three horizontal bars. Scroll until it gets to “Account settings” Click on it.

Step 2: Tap the”location” option, and then switch the share button for location to deactivate it.

This means that you won’t have to disclose your address every time someone contacts you.

Part 3. FreePhoneSpy.

While it’s simple to find someone’s exact location using the above method, it has some limitations. If someone uploads their location history on Facebook it is able to be tracked. But, most people aren’t comfortable sharing their places. Parents who wish to monitor their children’s location, tracking is crucial. Parents may wish to track their child’s activities. Children often conceal their location. They might tell you that they went to a friends’ house but the location is and not there.

FreePhoneSpy allows parents to monitor their children’s movements with an even better tool. The monitoring and spying software can be used to track the activities of any smartphone user. FreePhoneSpy can be used to monitor any device or smartphone running the Android operating system. If you wish to monitor the location of an Android user, then you should install FreePhoneSpy monitoring software on the device. Because of Apple’s strict privacy rules, this feature isn’t available for iOS users.

Download FreePhoneSpy App at: FreePhoneSpy Mobile Tracker App.

Why We Recommend This Tool to find a person’s location

FreePhoneSpy monitoring application allows you to view the GPS location of your desired Android device. You can simply download the app on the desired device and track the exact location of the person in real-time as well as the places they have visited.

Geofences alerts: Besides keeping track of the current location of a person, FreePhoneSpy also allows you to create alerts on the location of the individual you are tracking. Geofences allow you to set up alerts to notify that you are notified when the target arrives or leaves a certain location.

FreePhoneSpy lets you view messages sent via text. With FreePhoneSpyyou will be able to find the name and time stamp of every person who received or sent the messages.

FreePhoneSpy allows you to view Facebook chats. It keeps a journal of all messages and chats. You can access messages based on conversations as well as chats.

Where to Find Someone Using FreePhoneSpy

Step 1: Visit the official FreePhoneSpy website and click “Try it now” button to sign up for an account. Enter your email address as well as password, then click “Sign up”.

Step 2: On the FreePhoneSpy setup wizard, enter the details of the target’s like name, the age of the owner and OS that is installed on the device.

Step 3: Download the FreePhoneSpy monitoring app from and install it on your target android device. Start the app and sign in with your FreePhoneSpy account. Make sure that all permissions are granted, and then click “Start Monitoring”.

Step 4: Next step is to sign in using FreePhoneSpy to your mobile device. Then, open Locations on the control panel. It will show the location information and time stamps associated with the destination.

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