Top 10 Mobile Call Tracker Apps

Top 10 Mobile Call Tracker Apps

The top 10 call tracker Apps For Android and iPhone

The top 10 call tracker Apps For Android and iPhone
The top 10 call tracker Apps For Android and iPhone

There is a mobile monitoring software on your play store and you should utilize them to ensure the safety and security for your spouse, children, and any other family members. Social Media apps are popular nowadays and can encourage users to engage in illegal or immoral activities. Although it’s not illegal to monitor someone’s calls or track the websites they visit It’s crucial to be aware of the activities they’re engaging in. It’s difficult to always be on their heads to find out what’s going on. You can ensure the safety of your spouse and child with these mobile monitor apps.

Part 1. The Top 5 Call Tracker Apps for Android

Part 2. The Top 5 Call Tracker Apps for iPhone

Part 3. How to track Cell Phone Call Texts and SMS sent from another Phone or Computer

Part 1. The 5 Top Android Call Tracker applications

Part 1. The 5 Top Android Call Tracker applications
Part 1. The 5 Top Android Call Tracker applications

1. FreePhoneSpy

FreePhoneSpy is the top call tracker application that has been developed to date. It lets you monitor messages, calls and other vital information from the device you want to track. You can control remotely the device you want to track and retrieve the necessary information without having to create notices. This application is compatible with all the major operating systems like Android as well as iOS.

FreePhoneSpy’s Call Tracker Key App Features:

– FreePhoneSpy although it’s a phone tracker, it also allows you to access information such as call logs, contacts, messages etc..

It is easy to locate your location in real time by using a GPS locator.

With FreePhoneSpy displays web browsing history and most visited websites of the target device.

App Compatibility:

It’s compatible with Android 4.0 and later versions.

2. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is a well-known call tracker app for Android phones is among the most popular. This app allows you to monitor every conversation that is made on the device you want to track. The app is readily available in the Google Play Store and comes with a responsive interface which allows you to record your calls in a simple manner. This tool allows you to record any phone call and save the call to. You can also share the recording or add notes. You can also save the call to Google Drive and Dropbox and sync it.

Key Features of Automatic Call Recorder

It is very easy to install, and user-friendly interface.

Calls recorded can be saved and sent to the cloud.

You can view all calls through phone numbers, contacts, or other details.


– The voice recording isn’t as clear and audible.

– The free version is accompanied by ads that could irritate you quite a bit.

App Compatibility:

– Compatible with Android-2.3 and above.

3. Call

Call Recorder is a specific Android call tracker app. This application features an advanced recording technology that records calls as you make or receive them on your Android phone. All recorded content is able to be accessed at a later time, once you’re free.

Call Recorder – Auto Key Features

The app will record every app in auto mode.

The recordings can be easily shared or listened to.

You can filter calls by number, contact or group.


– Doesn’t support many of the music players listening to the recorded calls.

You’ll need to purchase an upgraded version if need the ads.

App Compatibility:

– Compatible with Android 4.1 and later versions.

4. Call Recorder

Call Recorder is an application that records all calls incoming or outgoing calls, is secured by Lovekara. It’s a reliable and easy-to-use app that Android users can depend on. Additionally, it can save files for you as mp3 files for easy monitoring the recorded call.

Here are the most important features of Call Recorders

This app is free for the users.

The system is able to record all calls, without any trouble.

– Saves you the recorded in mp3 format.


– Inability to erase multiple files at once

– Does not match good voice recordings.

App Compatibility:

– Compatible with Android 4.1 or higher versions

5. Hidden Auto call recorder

Hidden Auto Call Recorder is a tracker of calls application with a wide range of options. Hidden Auto Call Recorder permits users to record both outgoing calls and calls that are using stealth mode. It’s easy to download and install on an Android device. It also lets you manage your voice recording history and remove any unwanted files.

Hidden Auto Call Recorder: Key Features

The app is currently in autopilot mode, which means that it will record each call on its own.

Playback and make calls available for sharing.

Recordings of calls can be shared via Bluetooth or messages.


The voice recording quality is not at a high level.

– Doesn’t support the majority of music applications.

App Compatibility:

– Compatible with Android4.0.3 or higher versions

Part 2. The Top 5 Apps to Track Calls on the iPhone

1. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy available for iOS and Android is the most loved phone monitoring and call tracking app. The app runs in background and provides all the information needed. TheTruthSpy helps you trace text messages, phone calls and location. It also lets users to access social applications like WhatsApp.

TheTruthSpy Key Features

It allows you to monitor the call log information of the device in question.

You are able to easily track SMS, email, location and more..

This program protects you from attempt to steal.


– You cannot record calls using this app.

Download the application on the device of your choice.


This app is compatible with iOS 8.4, 9.0- 9.1.

2. Highster Mobile

Highster mobile is another app that allows you to track the cellular activity of your Android and iOS phones. You can easily check the details of the call log, read the messages etc.. The program is easy to use and user-friendly.

Highster Mobile’s Key Features Highster Mobile:

Simple to use and user-friendly interface

Remotely check the details of your call logs and social media interactions and see your current position.


– The control panel lacks crucial functions.


– This application can be used with iOS 8 and above.

3. FlexiSPY

If you are looking to keep track of and monitor the cellular activity of your device you are targeting, Flexispy can assist you with greater efficiency. Its powerful control panel lets you to monitor the call log history, GPS location and various other mobile activities.

Key Features of FlexiSPY

It also monitors email, Whatsapp, and calls specifics.

You can also remotely take the screenshots.


– It costs you more than other apps for tracking calls.


This app runs on iOS 6.0-11.x.

4. MobiStealth

If you want to track your spouse, kids, and even your employee’s mobile device then Mobi Stealth can be the better choice. It doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iOS phone. You can watch your target device using advanced technology for surveillance.

MobiStealth Key Features

– Economical and very affordable in the nature

The software doesn’t need users to jailbreak.


Users are not given any demo guidelines.


This app supports iOS 9 and above.

5. Mobile Spy Agent

It’s a superb spyware agent for people who want to monitor cell activities using both iOS and Android devices. With this amazing software for recording calls allows you to keep an eagle’s eye on the activities of the browser, including ongoing and incoming calls as well as applications that you have installed on your browser.

Here are the Key Features of Mobile spy Agent

Its stealth mode lets users to block the application from being seen on the device you want to target.

You can easily track the GPS location, the SMS or call history, etc. with this application.


It’s not capable of offering outstanding customer service.


– It supports iOS 2.x up to 6.x.

Part 3. How to Monitor Cell Phone Call logs and SMS from a Different Phone or Computer

FreePhoneSpy is the most well-known call tracker application. It also allows you access data from other mobiles. It is possible to determine what the mobile activity of your spouse, children, or your employer who is not trustworthy. Phone monitoring applications such as FreePhoneSpy app assist in achieving this goal remotely. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems (including iOS 11). It allows you to keep track of the current location and call log information and details of web browsing as well as other pertinent details on the device.

Why do you choose this cell phone? Call Tracker App

FreePhoneSpy allows you to monitor calls records, SMS, and contacts.

You can determine the current location of the target device by using GPS locator.

FreePhoneSpy allows you to quickly examine your internet browsing history as well as the sites you’ve visited.

Remotely monitor all mobile activity, and the conversations within Social Apps on the target device.

The preview feature allows you to select media files that are on your device of choice, for example videos and images.

Simple Steps to monitor someone’s mobile phone Texts and calls

Follow the steps listed below to check data on other phones using FreePhoneSpy.

Step 1. Create FreePhoneSpy Account

In the beginning, you must register an active account with FreePhoneSpy and for this, you can visit its official website. Log in using an email address that is valid and a password.

Step 2. Step 2.

Sign in to your account. Then, enter the information of the person or device you want to target. There are two options: Android and iOS.

Step 3. Step 3.

After choosing Android and then downloading the FreePhoneSpy SMS tracker as well as the call tracker app. Before you launch the application ensure that you activate the “Unknown Sources” option. Sign in now using your FreePhoneSpy account.

The phone monitoring app can be used to monitor on iOS devices, however it isn’t required to be installed on the device being targeted. It doesn’t require jailbreaking it, all you need are an iCLoudID and password on your target device.

Step 4. Start Monitoring

Finally, click the”Start Monitoring” button. The FreePhoneSpy icon will disappear from the app drawer, which indicates that the monitoring tool has started. Log into your FreePhoneSpy account, and then launch the Control Panel. This will let you track the phone you want to monitor.


It is possible to use numerous call tracker apps to monitor the cellular activity of the device you want to track. However, they are usually equipped with limited capabilities. Here, FreePhoneSpy is able to assist with the all the latest features and remotely monitors on each activity in full depth.

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